Japanese Classes

All classes are bilingual, so no prior knowledge of the Japanese language is needed!
Otamajakushi & kaeru



(Tadpole) 18 mo ~ 3 yrs.

Parent or Guardian participation is required.

The goal of this class is to provide young children an introduction to the sounds and cadences of the Japanese language.

We equip parents to assist children in their new language learning process, giving them a head start for language learning in the future.

We teach children to recognize elementary vocabulary, such as numbers, colors, foods, and everyday objects.



(Frog) 4~6 yrs.

Parent or Guardian participation is not required but we highly encourage a parent to sit in on the classes.

Kaeru is aimed at building a solid foundation in the sounds and cadences of the Japanese language.

We integrate music and language through singing!

We introduce and strengthen basic Japanese vocabulary and grammar through bilingual songs, activities, stories, and movement in a fun, non-competitive environment.

“This class is great! Now, he’s singing all the Japanese songs he’s learned and asking more questions about how to say things in Japanese. He even started answering questions back in Japanese. ”

Kaeru Class - 2016 'a parent'

“The class is fun and I like learning and singing Japanese songs and playing the games. ”

Kaeru Class - 2016 '5 yr old student'

Tamago, Hiyoko & Tori Classes
language school hawaii



(Egg) 7 & Up.

Parent or Guardian participation is not requested. We will provide instructional guides to assist parents in their children’s learning process on a weekly basis and homework.

Practice makes perfect. In this class our goal is to master the 46 Hiragana. We will ensure proper stroke order is being used, and learn to integrate new vocabulary in our day-to-day lives.

To assist children in understanding the elements and traditions that make up the Japanese culture, we offer a multi-faceted approach that incorporates fun features such as games, cuisine, and origami. Students will learn…

✓ Traditional Japanese games such as Otedama and Ayatori

    ✓ How to prepare food items such as Omusubi
      ✓ Origami folding of diverse shapes and designs.
        ✓ How to read and write Hiragana.
          ✓ Japanese Songs


          Tamago Class - 2016 'Lily & Stephanie'



          (Chick) 7 yrs & Up.

          Prerequisite:  Ability to read Hiragana.  Writing Hiragana is a plus!

          Hiyoko helps students learn numbers, Dakuon Hiragana and more. We introduce Kanji, and start to learn general time counting.

          We also teach proper greeting styles, and master Hiragana recognition.

          Children will learn fun new songs, origami folding, and more about the Japanese culture!



          (Chicken/Rooster) Ages 7 & Up.

          Hiragana reading mastery is required + all Dakuon e.g. Ga, Gi, Gu, Gya, Gyu, etc., & the ability to write Hiragana is a plus (to avoid any confusion with Katakana).

          Incorporating conversation and writing in daily activities, Tori classes build on past content and introduce adidtional vocabulary through Katakana.

          We teach Japanese culture, introduce easy conversational skills, particles, writing easy sentences, and lots of fun new songs as well as Origami.

          After completing Tori Class, students will be ready to use text books. Based on the students focus, we utilize any of the following books:

          ☞ Japanese for Young People

          ☞ Japanese from Zero

          ☞ Minna no Nihongo

          ☞ Adventures in Japanese

          After completion of Tamago, Hiyoko, and Tori classes: students should be able to read all Hiragana, Katakana (including Dakuon), be able to write characters, as well as basic recognition of introductory Kanji characters.

          We can also prepare students to take JLPT exams after Tori class completion (typical textbook prepraration for JLPT exams takes approximately two years of study), please ask for details.