Adult Japanese Classes

All classes are bilingual, so no prior knowledge of the Japanese language is needed!
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Adult Japanese

Class is a session-based group class with an emphasis on real-world use and conversation. Also included are fun activities and information on Japanese culture, food, travel, and other interests. Classes have a maximum of 8 students.

Classes are held once a week for ten weeks. Class sessions are separated by level. Beginners will start with Session 1A and continue to 1B, 2A, etc. Students with more experience may join a higher level class, if available.

High school students may join with a participating adult – please inquire for details.

Group class

Textbooks &


The class will use the Japanese From Zero! Textbook series, but there will also be supplementary materials and activities available at each class.

We have a limited number of textbooks available in our bookstore; however, textbooks can also be ordered online at either Amazon or
Barnes and Noble.

girl studying

Adult Japanese Class is great for busy working adults who don’t have a lot of time to commit to study, but also provides homework and extra opportunities based on student.

Classes focus on conversation and communication, and students can expect to hold a simple conversation by the end of their first session. A small class size allows for students to interact with each other and the teacher, providing an opportunity to improve speaking and communication skills in Japanese!

The class is also a great option for parents of Japanese language students. Parents can better understand their children’s study and enjoy learning together!

Japanese culture

Learn about

The culture

Adult Japanese Classes can help prepare those who are getting ready to travel to Japan, move to Japan, or who just want to enjoy the language! Japanese language is an essential part of Japan and Japanese culture, but is frequently used in Hawaii as well.

Adult Japanese Class students are able to learn about Japanese culture throughout the class, whether it be an upcoming holiday, food, traditions, etiquette and manners, or even some pop culture!

Days & Times

Monday: 5:30 ~ 6:15pm (Group 1)
Monday: 6:15 ~ 7:00pm (Group 2)
Saturday: 4:15 ~ 5:00pm (Group 3)

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