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10 week sessions
For ages 4 ~ 6 years old

Bring out the musician in every young child.


Music for little Maestros

Music for Little Mozarts is a piano, music, and movement curriculum specifically designed for preschoolers. The course centers on the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they learn about music. As their adventures unfold throughout each book, they introduce the students to new musical concepts and piano performance pieces.

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Designed with

Preschool age students in mind

The Music Lesson Book is the core of the course. Students are introduced to new musical concepts and the performance of pieces at the piano. The story of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouseā„¢ sets the stage for music study at the beginning and continues on each subsequent page. Other characters throughout the book serve as a springboard for introducing students to major composers from the four main musical style periods.

New concepts are introduced and carefully reinforced throughout the book. Each page contains a fragment of the story as background for each new concept or new piece of music, as well as practice instructions to read to the student. Many pages also offer helpful hints to the teacher and parents for effective instruction and practice.

The music was written to develop finger dexterity in young children and includes clever lyrics that will appeal to the student's imagination. Accompaniments for the teacher or parent are notated for each piece.


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