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About Mini Maestros (MM's)

Ages 2* ~ 5

*Age 2 only - Parental supervision required

Mini Maestros, (MM’s) will be introduced to all matters musical, learning rhythm, pitch, and music vocabulary as they explore the piano keyboard.

preschool readiness

Mini Maestros aids early childhood development by using age-appropriate, early elementary concepts in our curriculum, developing foundational cognitive, social, and motor skills that are important for educational success.

Class Activities


Tactile learning through piano-playing, alphabet-arranging, and other hands-on activities.

Visual learning through picture books, flash cards, and identification of colors, shapes, and letters.

Auditory learning through listening to classical repertoire, playing piano, and singing and
hearing pitch.

Kinesthetic learning through dance, marching to different tempos, and games that utilize
rhythmic movement.

All activities are carefully designed to enable MM's to:

✓ Recognize note and key names both on the piano and on the music staff

✓ Strengthen hand and finger muscles through piano-playing exercises

✓ Develop speech skills and vocalization through spoken rhythm activities, counting, and singing

✓ Improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness with the aid of rhythm instruments and the keyboard

✓ Sharpen number recognition through note values, rhythmic counting, and finger numbers

✓ Discern sound differences (loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low) and hone overall listening skills

✓ Enrich memory skills through constant review of musical vocabulary and concepts

Class days
& times

WEDNESDAY: 11:00 ~ 11:45 am
SATURDAY: 9:00am ~ 9:45am


Demo classes are 1/2 hour.  Classes are 45 minutes.

Interested students may join an existing class
for a free demo