Nina Martinez

Piano and Spanish instructor


Nina Martinez was filled with awe and appreciation for the piano when she began her musical journey with Kaori Beniek. Her studies continued with world- renowned pianist Bichuan Li and has since persisted in maturing her musical tone, technique, and prowess. A Dean's list student at the University of Hawaii (UH), Nina has studied a wide variety of musical topics which include composition, theory, and pedagogy.

She has received the Danny Kaleikini Scholarship as well as numerous other endowments for her studies in music and has also been awarded a merit achievement in piano performance by the UH Music Department. With over 15 years of experience, Nina has performed in various concerts in her University, arranged and managed church productions, and actively improvises and composes in her free time.

She is also a certified instructor in Ultimate Music Theory, a comprehensive educational curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge to perform well in related achievement programs such as the Royal Conservatory of Music.