Group Guitar &

Learn to Jam, Shred, and Rock!

Guitar Jamz

Learn the guitar through your favorite popular songs! Students who play the music they hear and love will strengthen their connection to their instrument and maintain a strong interest.

Learn songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots, and Green Day, along with classics like the Beatles and Bob Dylan!

Jamz students learn:

✓ Open Chords
✓ Reading and plucking melody notes
✓ Identifying Song Structure and chord progressions
✓ Singing and stumming popular music

Guitar Shredz

Shred the guitar like a rock star! Learn how to apply your guitar skills to rock music with new techniques like riffing, playing lead, and improvising solos. Students will also learn how to play in an ensemble setting - or even in their own band! To qualify for Guitar Shredz, students must complete Guitar Jamz level III.

Our curriculum will cover classics such as the Beatles and Guns n' Roses all the way to contemporary bands like Green Day or the Foo Fighters!

Shredz students learn:

✓ Open Chords, Power Chords, and Barre Chords
✓ Timeless Rock n' Roll Riffs
✓ Blues / Rock Scales and Licks
✓ Jamming and Soloing
✓ Song Structure
✓ The History of Rock Guitar

Uke Jamz

Learn the ukulele through your favorite popular songs! The ukulele has a special place in Hawaii as an instrument that is made to play with friends. Its easy accessibility makes it a great fit for many different styles of music, including our favorites!

Learn songs by artists like Jason Mraz, Train, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Twenty-One Pilots, and also local hit artists like Israel (IZ) Kamakawiwo’ole and the Ka'au Crater Boys!

Jamz Students Learn:

✓ Open Chords
✓ Read and Pluck Melody Notes
✓ Identify Song Structure and Chord Progressions
✓ Singing and Strumming Popular music

Class days
& times

Uke Jamz

Saturday: 10:30 ~ 11:15 am
Thursday: 5:15 ~ 6:00 pm

Guitar Jamz

Sunday: 10:00 ~ 10:45 am
Wednesday: 2:15 ~ 3:00 pm

Guitar Shredz

Sunday: 10:00am ~ 10:45am
Wednesday: 2:15pm ~ 3:00pm