Fabian Fabro

Piano Instructor & Bass Guitarist / Composer


Fabian composes for independent video game developers and animation filmmakers, and he also arranges game music with the Materia Collective Organization, based in Seattle, which brings together musicians from around the world for video game music arrangement and original composition projects and collaborations.

He currently arranges and orchestrates music for the Materia Collective, as well as for Hitbox Music Ensemble, a video game music ensemble directed by UH Manoa alumnus Chris Suzuki. Fabian is starting up a Patreon of the "Rondalya Project," which is a personal project consisting of video game music arrangements for traditional Filipino plucked string instruments.

Fabian enjoys seeing students progress in their learning and strives to help his students improve so that they can express music in their own interpretation based on their character. He believes that every student can learn music, as long as they have patience and commitment.