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Piano Marvel

What is Piano Marvel? Simply the world's best piano learning software. It provides instant feedback of your performance and tracks your progress through six method books and six technique books. You will also find hundreds of repertoire pieces by a variety of composers in different styles.

If you haven’t tried Piano Marvel yet, you haven’t seen the future of piano. Designed by professional musicians, Piano Marvel combines cutting edge technology with years of research and innovative design. Piano Marvel captures the student’s attention and motivates them to do their best. By incorporating video game-like technology, Piano Marvel taps into a unique ability to stimulate the brain. Piano Marvel was created around this platform in order to capitalize on this universal method and reward the student with a real sense of achievement. Piano Marvel can be simple enough for pre-school or challenging enough for professional concert pianists. It is the most comprehensive and complete piano program ever designed.


with students in mind

We believe that playing the piano should be fun and enjoyable. Piano Marvel takes the repetitive and diffcult parts of learning the piano and makes them fun and challenging. Studies show that students using Piano Marvel are learning at least three times faster than with traditional methods.

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Piano Marvel


1. Motivate students to spend more time practicing through instant feedback and by implementing video game intensity to practicing piano.
2. Provide progressive materials to teach sight-reading, chords and scales, ear training, rhythm training and more.
3. Provide an expanding library from classics like Bach to pop icons like Taylor Swift to your favorite movie tunes with printable scores and video performances.
4. Assess rhythm and pitch, giving instant feedback so students can identify and correct problem spots.
5. Allow teachers and parents to monitor the amount of time spent practicing through automated student practice reports.


Piano Marvel

app includes...

☞ Method levels that teach note-reading and note values
☞ Technique levels that drill rhythm, repetition, listening, and imitation
☞ Music library containing 1000’s of popular and classical songs
☞ Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR) – immersion-based learning for developing and refining music reading skills

SoKnow Studio's

Piano Marvel Classes

Our classes offer students a fun, social way to learn music.
SoKnow Studio is a Piano Marvel certified studio, using its cutting-edge technology to give your child the optimal learning experience! Students benefit from group classes in the following ways:

✓ Learn teamwork and listening through collaborative activities like ensemble playing
✓ Improve awareness of time through rhythm exercises and listening to others perform
✓ Build confidence and coordination
✓ Develop greater learning independence through self-assessment and self-correction
✓ Spend more time in-lesson working on technique, theory, and artistry


classes teach

· Ear-training and listening activities
· Solfege, sight-singing and dictation
· Technique training and exercises
· Theory and musical vocabulary
· Ensemble and solo performance
· Rhythm games that help students internalize beat and tempo

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The standard Assesment of Sight-Reading

The Standard Assessment of Sight-Reading (SASR) is an invaluable tool to improve musical literacy. When engaged in music learning and playing, students strengthen neural networks in the brain and activate various areas responsible for reading, motor-control, spatial processing, and other cognitions. Music education has been linked to higher IQ, reasoning skills, organization, confidence, reading proficiency, and puzzle-solving. When taken daily, the SASR will improve students’ reading abilities, clearly marking their progress and giving them goals based on recognized international standards.

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to use piano marvel you will need 5 things:

1. A digital piano or electronic keyboard
2. iPad or computer (Preferably with 2GB of RAM)
3. USB/MIDI cable or USB Type A to Type B Cable
4. Lightning to USB Adapter (connection to iPad only)
5. High speed internet connection

✓ Speak with an instructor for help on home setup.

piano marvel classes

Class days

& Times

SUNDAY: 12:00pm ~ 12:45pm
SUNDAY: 1:30PM ~ 2:15pm
SUNDAY: 2:30pm ~ 3:15pm
SUNDAY: 3:30pm ~ 4:15pm

MONDAY: 6:00pm ~ 6:45pm

WEDNESDAY: 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm

SATURDAY: 9:00 ~ 9: 45am
SATURDAY: 10:45 ~ 11: 30am
SATURDAY: 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm

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